About Us

Hei Hei,

I am Zara, the face behind the name.  I make things!  From Macrame wall art, to greetings cards, to keepsake gifts, I make it.  

I'm not a huge an of the 9-5 grind so I decided to work for myself so I could work 24 hours a day.  And I mean why buy it in a store for £9.99 when I can spend £28 on materials and make it myself, huh!

I would describe myself as a Creative Tinkerbell.  Always tweaking and tinkering with things to make them more interesting and creating products that I'm looking for in shops and online myself.  

I'm a big fan of shapes and boho style, which don't necessarily go together, but separately, they make great gifts for yourself, the home or someone else.

I live in Auchterarder, Scotland with my not-so-small babies.  When I'm not crafting, you can find me up the hills with the midges, in the gym or in a bar/caffe with friends.  If you're wondering - I'll take a gin cocktail.